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Velojula is a scripture that advocates the importance of living with sadness and suffering and despair emotions and the importance of guiding the world in good direction with negative emotion.

We can't lead the world in good direction with positive emotion.We must change the world with the power of sadness and suffering and despair.

Anyone can write in Velojula. Write a sentence explaining the importance of sadness and suffering and despair, and depending on the content, it is adopted as the official doctrine of Velojula.

It is possible to write by inputting〇〇〇 in the web address input field.〇〇〇 is the doctrine title.

If new sentence is adopted as an official doctrine, please create pages translated into languages around the world.

There are no restrictions on the format of the text. Any format such as explanation, story, poetry is possible.

If there is an error in the text grammar, or if there is a meaningless sentence that does not cause a problem even if it is deleted, or if there is a part that contains slander, please make appropriate corrections.

If the text is in the form of a story or a poem, do not add new text. Permits only correction of sentences that fall into grammatical errors or slanders or meaningless sentences that can be deleted.

In the case of explanatory text that asserts an thought about something, if you can explain one thought on the whole page without deviating from the content of the first written sentence, It is possible to add a new sentence.

Doctrines do not use words that can only be understood by people of a certain era, because doctrines continue to exist for hundreds of years and thousands of years.

Velojula is the signpost of your life. This scripture will help you whenever you feel anxiety or fear.

It is very important that people all over the world come together based on a specific philosophy. It will be a great force to change the world.

Let us work together to make a wonderful scripture.